Former Students

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Students

Michael Brennan (NOAA Tropical Prediction Center)
Kevin Hill (A.I.R. Inc., Boston, MA, now Berkshire Hathaway)
Neil Jacobs (co-advised with Sethu Raman; AirDat, Inc, Panasonic, NOAA Deputy Dir., EPIC)
Chunyong Jung (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne)
Kelly Mahoney (NOAA/Earth Systems Research Laboratory)
Megan Mallard (formerly Gentry; US Environmental Protection Agency)
Allison Michaelis (UC San Diego/Scripps/CW3E, now Northern Illinois University)
Jacob Radford (CSU/CIRA)

Masters of Science Students

With Thesis

Chris Bailey (NOAA Hydrometeorological Prediction Center)
Adam Baker (NOAA/NWS, Indianapolis, IN)
Lindsay Blank (Developmental Testbed Center, NCAR, Boulder, CO)
Matt Borkowski (Meso, Inc. Albany NY)
Michael Brennan (Continued for PhD)
Jason Caldwell (NOAA/NWS Lower Mississippi RFC)
Trevor Campbell (Mott McDermott)
Jason Cerjak (U.S. Air Force)
Jordan Dale (Energetics, Washington DC)
Nathanael Farrington (US Air Force)
Tiffany Gardner (Trinity Consulting, Dallas, TX)
Megan Gentry  (Continued for PhD, now Mallard)
Briana Gordon (Sonoma Technology, San Francisco, CA)
Chase Graham (NWS – Louisville, KY)
Nicole Haglund (Oklahoma Climate Survey, now Guiliano)
Kevin Hill (Continued for PhD)
Blair Holloway, M.S. (NWS, Greer, SC)
Kelly Mahoney (Continued for PhD)
Chris Marciano (ARA, Washington, DC)
Allison Michaelis (Continued for PhD)
Rebecca Miller (US EPA via ORAU)
Jacob Radford (Continued for PhD)
Heather Reeves (Continued for PhD, NOAA National Severe Storms Lab)
Wendy Sellers (NWS, Charleston SC)
Morgan Silverman (NASA Langley)
Jennifer Tate (NOAA Weather Prediction Center, College Park, MD)
Ana Torres-Vazquez (US EPA via ORAU)
Richard Yablonsky (University of Rhode Island)

Masters of Science Students

Without Thesis

Michael Graves (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality)
Eric Santilli (May 2013)
Bradley McLamb (NC DENR)
Whitney Rushing (NOAA/NWS, Columbia, SC)
Yaosheng Chen (Penn State University)